This recurring sense of impending mutiny keeps our ears on their toes”

— New Music Express

Postcard - The new single from Matt Love

Break out your rhinestone tassel jackets and snakeskin Cowboy boots. The always surprising reclusive experimental pop musician Matt Love yet again defies expectations by producing a single which sounds pretty much like a 1970’s country pop variety show. 

From a time when hair was big and the glitter was cheap and plentiful, Matt Love brings you the kind of Orchestral Country Pop you would normally associate with Glen Campbell or Charlie Rich, but with just enough edge to make it feel real. 

This is 3 chords and the truth – and an orchestra. 

Matt Love is a singer/songwriter/ guitarist who throughout his musical career has explored a wide range of musical styles including indie pop, experimental pop, folk music and Americana. 

When Matt was finished with High School in 1982 he concentrated on his music, playing in a variety of different and equally unsuccessful bands, experimenting with a variety of different styles including synth pop, jazz and punk. At this time Matt also picked up whatever work he could in recording studios, including a fairly dubious recording studio writing advertising jingles for the Woolworths Supermarket’s in house broadcasting system. 

By 1986 Matt was continuing to pursue an unsuccessful career in music  whilst holding down the odd day job when the mood took him, which was rarely. At this time Matt formed the band Even As We Speak, with some vague notion that it would be a cow-punk band. 

The band however soon followed a different route, taking their influences from the new Zealand  Flying Nun Record label, and producing a rather hard edged gritty pop. 

Even As We Speak found overseas success with their third single Blues Suburban Skies/Bizarre Love Triangle. Although only 500 copies of the original record were pressed, the single found a strong following in UK’s C86 movement which was to lay the foundations of the indie pop genre. 

Even As We Speak remains a favourite on indie pop playlists largely due to the band’s association  with two of the most respected independent record labels of the late 80’s/early90’s period , being Sydney’s Phantom Records   (home of the Sunnyboys, Hood Guru’s, Mark of Cain, The Hummingbirds) and Bristol’s now legendary Sarah Records. 

During this time Matt also worked in the Sound Effects department of ABC television where he was frequently seen in the wee small hours commandeering  television audio equipment for the production of indie pop. 

Matt travelled with Even As We Speak to the UK for extended visits in 1988, 1991 and 1993 where the band toured extensively and received wide critical acceptance. 

The Band was also a favourite of the late great BBC1 DJ John Peel and recorded a number of Peel Sessions which are now available on “Yellow Food – the Peel Sessions”. 

Even As We Speak took a 20 year long break between 1993 and 2014, with only occasional small gigs and get togethers. During that 20 year break from Even As We Speak Matt obtained a Law degree, had a family,  started a law firm and quietly honed his chops on the guitar. 

In 2014 Matt returned to his first love, music, emerging with a new style incorporating primal acoustic guitar, gritty vocals,  stripped back song writing and a dark sense of humour. 

In 2016 Even As We Speak returned to the stage playing at the New York Pop Fest alongside other indie pop bands including the Chills and the Primitives. 

In 2017 Even As We Speak released an EP titled the Black Forest on US indie label Emotional Response which has received wide critical praise. 

Matts first solo album Bad Motel, released in 2017, contains raw, unadorned and often funny songs in the folk tradition, drawing upon influences such as Roger Miller, Blind Blake, John Prine, Townes Van Zandt, Todd Sneider, and Guy Clark. 

However, true to form, or a lack thereof, Matt’s latest single Postcard provides a new direction altogether – riding his magical time machine back to the overproduced country pop of the late 60’s and early 70’s typified by Glen Campbell and Charlie Rich. 

Matt currently lives in Brisbane Australia with his wife and two kids and spends his spare time in a tiny evil smelling recording studio located underneath his bathroom.



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Matt Love - Postcard

Matt Love - Postcard

Matt Love

Matt Love